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Denver Metro News: We hear a lot about the Stock Market these days, but perhaps you are curious what's happening in our Denver Real Estate Market? Many of us have been spending a lot of time in our homes as we shelter in place during this Colorado Stay at Home order.  One thing is for sure there is still a strong demand for home buyers and a limited supply. This has created multiple offers even when there were limits to enter homes. What is the true driving force? Was it the Low Interest Rates? Was it because it's Springtime? Was it the extended hours in our homes? Were these buyers already searching before the pandemic? It's hard to say. Clearly, we don't have enough inventory and we expect a reprieve with a new resurgence of homes entering the market in the coming weeks.
Colorado lifted the Stay at Home order on April 27th and Denver and other counties will begin reopening on Saturday, May 9th. As we move into this next phase, we will learn more of where our economy is headed, only time will tell how it all unfolds. In the meantime, my Advisors from around the country tell me that Denver is an anomaly and remains strong even with all the news. The Denver Metro area has been a solid investment for several years and has grown exponentially in popularity as evidenced by the increase in traffic. Will it continue to thrive with some of the measures put in place? We may see our challenges during this transition, and it may take some time to dig out, but the good news is that we have a market of homeowners with equity in their homes. This is not 2008 when homes were over leveraged but there will be some new challenges and procedures and take time to adjust to. Please know that your real estate team is here for you and we are taking new precautions to protect our clients. We want to help you with your financial investments and protect your largest assets, you, your family, and your home!

 Please stay safe,  Maura Putnik, Third Generation Realtor   Coldwell Banker Real Estate    (303) 882-5653